Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects to Attempt This Winter

Just because it's cold out doesn't mean you have to stay cooped up and bored in your house all winter. Instead of wasting away behind the TV or computer you can improve your living space and be guest ready by the time spring gets here. Here are some easy do it yourself projects that you can do to improve your home, save money, and avoid being bored.

Put Insulation on Your Water Heater

Add a thick blanket or insulation around your water heater in order to ensure that the water within the heater will stay hot even when it's not in use. This is a great way to save energy, and of course money, during the winter and throughout the year. Insulation kits can be purchased at most local home improvement stores.

Put in a Programmable Thermostat

Your utility bills in the winter can be overwhelming, but turning down the thermostat can be uncomfortable. By installing a programmable thermostat, you can set it to change temperature throughout the day, such as keeping the house cooler during the day while everyone is out and warmer at night when you're sleeping. This will save tons of energy and money and is an easy installment. The installation process includes hooking up a few low-voltage wires and most programmable thermostats come with instructions to help you with the set up. Most of these thermostats run around $25 and are available at most hardware stores.

Refinish Your Basement

Big, indoor projects are perfect for down time during the winter and refinishing your basement is no small feat. You can do a lot of the work on your own without a contractor, such as installing new flooring or carpet, painting walls, or dry walling. You will have a pretty basement ready for entertaining by the spring!

Paint the Walls

Spend your time inside not only repainted your finished basement but also the rest of your house. Painting can be a large task to tackle, so take your time and spread it out. You can really revamp a room with a just new shade of paint. Change the feel of the whole room or just add an accent wall to liven  it up a bit. You can get paint advice and tips from your local home improvement store employee.

Organize Drawers and Closets

While you're hibernating inside, why not be productive by dumping out those drawers and donating some of the stuff that you haven't used in ages. You can spend your winter decluttering your life and your home. You'll be feeling organized and light when the spring sun shows up.

Spend your winter months doing something productive and try one of all five of these easy DIY home improvement ideas!

About the Author: Valerie is a guest contributor from Coldwell Banker Hubbell Briarwood, Lansing, Michigan's premier real estate company.


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